Aims and Scope

The Islamic Law and Jurisprudence Researches Journal represents a national publication outlet primarily for those who teach Islamic law and Jurisprudence in colleges of business throughout the world. The purpose of the journal is to publish high quality, double-blind, peer-reviewed legal research among all areas of law and jurisprudence. The journal also welcomes pedagogical research, recent case studies and analysis, and empirical research that are jurisprudence and law-focused. Recognizing that academic publishing for jurisprudence and law related research among law and jurisprudence faculty and practitioners has historically utilized-and continues to use primarily-the law and jurisprudence review process for publication, our journal represents one of a very small minority of outlets for those who wish to (or must) publish utilizing the peer-reviewed process.

In this publication, articles related to the following topics will be accepted, reviewed and finally approved.

1) Jurisprudence and principles of different Islamic religions.

2) Civil and criminal jurisprudence.

3) Economic jurisprudence.

4) Environmental jurisprudence.

5) Civil rights.

6) Criminal law and criminology.

7) Oil and gas rights.

8) Islamic International Law.

9) Public law.

10) Governmental and political jurisprudence