Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 57, Autumn 2019, Pages 239-1 
4. Civil Liability of Concise Cause of Medical Team in Iran's and England's law

Pages 73-94

Ali Ravanan; Seyyed Mehdi Mir Dadashi; Mohammad Sadeghi; Ebrahim Delshad Maaref

6. Jurisprudential Possibility of Conformity (Taqlid) to Teachings of Non-adult Mujtahid

Pages 117-132

Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Saber; mohammd reza kaykha; Ali Tavalaei

8. Critical Analysis of the Political-Jurisprudence Basis of the Takfiri Salafism on the Issue of Jihad

Pages 149-178

Roghayeh Alizadeh; abdolhadi feghhizadeh; Mohammad Hadi Amin Naji