Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 56, Summer 2019, Pages 1-216 
1. The Study of Juridical and Legal Value of the Witness of Relatives

Pages 11-32

Hamid Abhary; Mohammad Hossein Taghipour Darzi Naghibi

2. Artificial Simulation in Viewpoints of Sunni Jurists

Pages 33-46

Seyed Reza Ehsanpour; Hadi Garakani; Madiheh Hashempour

5. Principles of Profusion Percepts of Water and its Resulted Guarantee

Pages 93-110

Nahid Dehghan Afifi; Ahmad bagheri; Seyyed Abolghasem Naghibi

6. Recognition of Animal Rights in Fiqh Imamiyah with Emphasis on Alimony

Pages 111-130

Hassan Alidadi Soleymani; seyyed Mostafa Tabatabaei

7. The Obligation Basis in Contract Law

Pages 131-148

Omid Gholamalitabar Firozjaei; Jalil Qanavati

9. Jurisprudential Pathology in Article 234 of the Islamic Penal Code

Pages 165-180

Seyyed Ahmad Mirkhalili; Nafiseh Motevalizadeh Naeini; Mehri Nassaji Zavareh