Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 51, Spring 2018, Pages 228-1 
2. Jurisprudential Reflection on the Signified of Article 440 in Islamic Penal statute

Pages 33-52

Seyyedeh Mahboubeh Hassani Abolhasskolaei; Mohammad Mohseni Dehkalany; Ali Akbar Jahani

5. Legal Bases of Compensation by the Government in Judge's Error

Pages 99-118

Hojat Azizollahi; Ali Tavalaei; Moein Farzaneh Vashareh; AbolReza Mohammad Hosseinzadeh

7. Causes of Relative Nullity in French and Iranian Law and Evaluating its Possibility in Jurisprudence

Pages 137-168

Mohammad Taghi karimpoor Alehashem; Mohammd Taghi Alavi; Mohammad Mazhari; Nasser Masoudi

8. The Principle of Penal Economy as the Basis of the Interpretation in Penal Laws of Islam

Pages 169-190

Hamid Masjedsaraei; Khaled Nabinia; Ahmad Bagheri; Seyyed Mohammad Sadri