Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 50, Winter 2018, Pages 216-1 
2. Reinvistigating the Validity of the Unit Notice Using Wise Men Citation Method

Pages 35-50

Maryam Aqaei Bajestani; Mohammad Rohani Moghadam; Zahra Trahomi

5. The Patent Right

Pages 87-112

Mohammad Sadeghi

6. Position of Restitutionary Liability Theory in Jurisprudence

Pages 113-146

majid abbasi; Ali Gharibeh; Esmaeil Saghiri; Hassan Pashazadeh

7. The Use of Istishab in Civil Law Distinguished by its Different Types

Pages 147-160

Abbas Arab Khazaeli; Ali Reza Asgari; Ahamd Moradkhani