Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 43, Spring 2016 
1. Necessity of Legality of Transactions Motive in Iranian Positive Law and Fiqh Imamiyah

Pages 11-28

Fakhrodin Asghari aqamashahadi; Seyyed Masih Hosseini; Mohamamdbaqer Asghari Aqmashhadi

2. The Kind of Responsibility and Consequences of the Nullity of Commutative Contracts

Pages 29-50

Behzad Pourseyyed; Mostafa Shafizadeh; Mohammad Sadeghi

5. Principle of Application or Presumption of Mastery and its Effects on Principle of Jurisprudence

Pages 97-120

Abbas Arab Khazaeli; Abbas Arab Khazaeli; Alireza Askari; Mohamamd Mehdi Ahamdi

6. Sex Change in Criminal Commandments

Pages 121-144

Seyyed Ebrahim Ghodsi; Kolsoum Mirhosseini