Volume & Issue: Volume 16, Issue 61, Autumn 2020 
2. A Reflection on the Effect of Amare Yad on Money Laundering

Pages 33-56

hossein tajabady; mohammad sadegh azadfar; Ali Banaee

3. Jurisprudence-Legal Principles of Confiscation Insurance

Pages 57-80

ali jafarzadeh shahi; قادر شنیور; Jamshid Yahya pour

4. Contradictory Transactions Subject to Legal Action in the Five Religions and Iranian Law

Pages 81-108

Sayyd Zaman Daryabari; Naser Marivani; Mohammad Adel Ziaee

6. Analysis of the Influence of Evolution of Power Structure in Family on Husband's Rights

Pages 132-160

Farzaneh Shafiezadeh; Maryam Al sadat Mohaghghdamad; Kobra Pourabdollah

7. Juridical Analysis with Emphasis on the Legal System of Legal Pretense of Lawful Acts

Pages 161-182

Hasan Ali Kalhor; hosseinali kalhor; Fatemeh Sohanian

8. Inheritance of Heirs Who Died at the Same Time in Similar Incidents to Destruction

Pages 183-198

sam Mohammadi; Mohsen Jafari Behzadkolaee; Mohsen vaseghi