Foundations of the Shiite jurists thought the blood Deal

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Blood is one of the eleven unclean in Islam's honor to acknowledge it and use it.While in the past there were not for the blood not only has no benefit, but it was hatred; most of the way against the argument of early jurists have been issued in respect of trade special accident forms. The blood. The jurists in this issue include: absolute prohibition, detailed blood between unclean and clean, independent and self-esteem along with other facilities permit, business license in the interests of solvent. Evidence is prohibited include: consensus, no taxes blood, blood impurity, Alfsad originality in them, help the Asm, verses, hadiths. Today, with the advancement of medical knowledge and use a variety of special human blood and blood products is vital that special place. One example of this dynamic ijtihad their opinions about the transaction is blood. This paper attempts to examine the transaction according to the views of jurist’s Shiite blood.