Establishing the government's responsibility to compensate for the damage caused by Corona to tourism

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-Assistant Professor, Department of Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Law, Semnan Branch ,Islamic Azad University , Semnan ,Iran



Tourism in Iran has a growing future, both in terms of the cultural richness of this web border and in terms of its ancient civilization and climatic diversity. The outbreak of covid 19 virus has also exposed this fledgling industry to many dangers and damages. In the meantime, compensation for tourism institutions is something that should not be neglected. The government's obligation to pay damages has several jurisprudential bases. The jurisprudential laws of `Etlaf, Tasbib, Al-Zaman`o Balkharj` are among the laws that the jurists have invoked in the civil liability of the government. In addition law, man la`o alghonm la`o alghorm, which is equivalent to the theory of danger in French law, is one of the foundations of the government's obligation to pay compensation to tourism institutions. Some contemporary jurists have also proved the responsibility of the government towards the citizens from the point of view of government jurisprudence and royal rulings. Therefore, the responsibility of the government can be proved in the discussion of corona and the damages caused by it and also the necessity of compensating the damages caused by its outbreak.