The Study of the Jurisprudential Basis of the Possibility of Withdrawal from Supervision in Endowment in Imami’s Jurisprudence

Document Type : Original Article


department of jurispruence and quran seince of shiraz university



During the history, many of endowed properties have been abused by tyrant rulers; In order to maintain endowments and pursue the goals of fair-minded endowers, Imami’s jurists have attempted to maintain such rights by appointing trustee, supervisor or property guard. The words “trustee” and “supervisor” are sometimes used interchangeably, but some of modern jurists believe that they are different concepts. The objective of the present study, which has been done in descriptive and analytic method, is to answer the question if the supervisor can be dismissed or not. It is assumed that if the betrayal or inability of the supervisor is proved, he can be dismissed. Dismissal is carried out in three ways: by the endower, by the religious ruler or by the supervisor himself (relinquishment). There are some discrepancies about the permission of supervisor dismissal. The result of this study demonstrates that such discrepancy is caused by two reasons: 1. there are discrepancies whether the supervisor is an agent (Wakil) or administrator (Wasi); 2. the condition of supervisor dismissal during the endowment contract is a necessary condition showing obligatory action on that. If supervision of the endowment is a result of covenant’s will, and if the supervisor has accepted the the supervision while the endower is alive, the supervisor cannot relinquish till the endower is alive; but after his death, he can withdraw his supervision. Therefore, sometimes the supervisor is an agent and sometimes an administrator.


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