Recognition of Animal Rights in Fiqh Imamiyah with Emphasis on Alimony

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Professor in Islamic Law & Jurisprudence, Tehran University, Kish, Iran

2 Teacher in Qom Seminary, Qom, Iran



The issue of animal rights has been considered completely in the last century. Activists and animal rights movements believe that the religions –in general- have had little or no concern with animal rights issues, and that there are many protests to the religions. The purpose of this study is to recognize the views of Islam towards this issue. This goal was carried out by examining the narrations of the Ahlul-Bayt (PBUH) and the words of the Shi'a great scholars, during which the rights of the animals were examined from the perspective of Fiqh Imamiyah on the basis of the right of alienation and presented a complete and comprehensive picture of the special interest of Islam towards it. According to this study, firstly, the religion of Islam,for all the beings of the world-according to their place in the creation-in order to attain their perfection believe in rights, and contrary to the beliefs of animal rights advocates, there are many doctrines and teachings regarding animal rights. In particular, in comparison with other religions, many of those rights have been expressed not only in the form of moral advice, but also in the form of a religious order and jurisprudence, which imply their importance and the guarantee of their performance. Secondly, Shi'a jurisprudents, in addition to acknowledging the necessity of observing the right to live animals in various ways, have also acknowledged in a variety of ways, also carefully considering their alimony, its cases, its responsibility, and how to provide and prepare it, using the great teachings of Islam, they delivered Fatwa.


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