Jurisprudence Reflections in Examining and Reviewing the Arguments of Some Women without Mercy

Document Type : Original Article


1 Faculty Staff, Department of Jurisprudence & the Principles of Islamic Law, Babol Branch, Islamic Azad University, Babol, Iran

2 Ph.D. of Jurisprudence & the Principles of Islamic Law, Education Organization, Babol, Iran



Edde is the amount of time when the woman dies or refuses to remarry when the woman dies in order to cleanse her womb from the fetus. Now, in the case of Edde, women who have made their uterus out of medical reasons have two conceivable views; a view is that the use of evidence and narratives relate to this category of women, and the other viewpoint, due to the appearance of some traditions and generality, is that they do not need to preserve Edde. The purpose of this study is to investigate the arguments of Edde and rereading Islamic beliefs about the issue. Then, the theoretical and fundamental method has been studied based on the principles to deduce this order. The result is that women who have withdrawn their womb have no need to preserve people.


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