Jealeh in Islamic Banking System

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Shahr Kord University


Human being enjoy all divine rights after birth. Everybody is deserved to enjoy these rights including civil and natural rights which described in Islam. Civil relationships of human being involve emotional, social and economic, relations.
In Islamic banking  ,economic relationships of people are based on Islamic contracts. One of these mutual economic relationships between people in one side and banks in the other is "Jealeh". Loans are given to people in banks under the title of Islamic contracts which one of them is Jealeh.
Jealeh is a judicial deal which is known in Iranian civil code as a definite contract.
It is regarded as a way of giving loan in usury-free banking law of Islamic parliament.
According to the third chapter of the above-mentioned law and the practical instruction of Jealeh clarified by the council of money and credit, the author presents its precepts.


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