Sexuality change and its Judicial examination

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1 Mazandaran University faculty member

2 Mazandaran University


With the progress of science and technology , there have been new problems that experts always  arguing and studying about it. One of these problems is the presence of  transsexual  individuals  that physicians and lawyers have taken into consideration . These are persons who have healthy sex organ physically but their mental status is unhealthy, that is to say, they can’t accept their sexuality mentally; Men who follow ladies life and   womens who want to live like men.
Transsexualism is a mental illness that leads to Sexuality change finally. Sexuality change of Transsexuals has effects that the jurists, lawyers and physicians are studying about Transsexualism illness , sexuality change and its results.
In this article, the authors consider examination of sexuality change and its judicial examination.
It  means what is Transsexualism? Is there possibility of sexuality change? and Is sexuality change a permissible matter or not based on jurist’s viewpoint?