Legal and Penal Analysis of Article 268 of Islamic Punishment law.

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty staff of I.A.U, Qaemshahr Branch


According to Islamic punishment law, Quran and prophetic religion, murder resulted to punishment of retaliation.The mentioned punishment regards as penalties which have private aspect. Right owners in Islamic religion, contrary to previous religion, can select one of these cases (retaliation or forgiveness). On this basis Islamic legislators in Hodood and Retaliation Act (1361) in article 54 have expressly recognized this right for the sacrifical parents. It’s the law that after victim’s death this right transfers to the sacrificial parents. Nevertheless, legislator, contrary to the mentioned article, grants the forgiveness right to victim with ratification of article 268 of Islamic punishment law. But this article is not correct and legal according to the analysis in this essay.
However, in spite of the present objections, the drafters proposed Islamic punishment code in article 18 and 315. This code extends the concept of forgiveness and refers to blood-money. It also indicates that the sacrificial parents can’t request the blood-money but in article 268, they can request it.


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