Reviewing Law Possibility of Developing Actuaries in Non-verbal Actions

Document Type : Original Article


1 Ph.D. Candidate, Mazandaran University, Babolsar, Iran

2 Professor of Mazandaran University, Babolsar, Iran

3 Associate Professor, Mazandaran University, Babolsar, Iran


Aside from theoretical difference which provided on Ghazf and imposed it to women, some considered it aattributed to adultery or sodomy. And some jurists referred Sahgh attribution to a  sort of Ghazf. According to this definition, Tafveh and speech play fundamental roles in the formation of Ghazf. It seems that material dimension of this crime is attributing to speech. Hence researchers regarded this rime for proving testimony against other crimes. This article with reviewing this issue and considering realities presents the realities of the contemporary world where new forms of communication are faced in the world of creation (written on paper), registration in the virtual space (typing), cartoons, Photoshop, and so on or using any other ways of assignment of adultery or sodomy. For accusing the criminal law, it is sufficient to fulfill the word or speech. Apparently, the authors provide a single legitimacy and this opinion is not a precedent in other studies. 




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