Analyzing the Plastic Surgery in Fiqh Imammiyeh and Iranian Criminal Law



Today, one of medical realities is the issue of plastic surgery containing two reconstructive plastic, parts and aesthetic plastic. In Iran current law system, only general verdict of surgery or medical operations are highlighted ("jeem (g) verse, article 158 of Islamic penalty law, 1392); but in the case of plastic surgery operations, there is no obvious verdict in laws and regulations. Therefore, one of the basic doubts and challenges in this respect is the issue of legality and or illegality of various forms of plastic surgery in that there are different views in Islamic jurisprudence among Shiite and other religious leaders. In the case of legality and or illegality of different aspects of the mentioned surgery operations. In this article, by investigating the basic concepts and Shiite scholars, views and the others about the legality and or illegality of plastic surgery and, too, the condition of creating and removing criminal responsibility of the physician, it can be concluded that in the legal system of Iran, regarding the well-known thesis of the Imamiyeh leaders and other reasons, we can take into account plastic surgery forms with respect to terms and conditions as legal surgery operation.