Scope of Woman's Witness and Evidence in Islam



Nowadays, the equality or inequality of women's rights in the society (both inside the country and abroad) is considered as a significant and challenging problem, and the enemy's wrong inspiration and advertisement called soft war has had a growing influence on creating doubt and suspicion, and women's right of witness have been included among discussions about women's rights. Regardless of the fact that the subject of women's witness is considered among the categories of assignments rather than right, this study has tried to do an exploration on women's right and its acceptable cases. By referring the legal sources and a careful thought, it becomes clear that Priestly women's witness in all cases of financial or nonfinancial matters with some details is accepted. It is not accepted in just a few cases due to the women's nobility and respect, Islam's attention to mitigation, compassion or other specific reasons such as preventing the promotion of obscene acts. Secondly, the inequality of the number of men and women witness, according to the Quranic verses, and because of the vitality of lateral incoming features is limited to the financial affairs and it is ignored in others cases.