Percepts of Family and Man's Disobedience in Imam Reza's Al-Tasfir Masanad Book



In Imam Reza's Ketabol Tafsir Masand, it is indicated in exegetical traditions related to the family subjects such as marriage customs, marriage regulations, abortion, alimony, man's disobedience. Disobedience means disagreement or controversy of two spouses that may cause abandonment of obligation or merely devoid of affection and good companionship. Man's disobedience which mentioned in Sure Al-Nisa, Verse 128 and exegetical traditions states that if the man commits this disobedience his wife can compromise with him in all or part of her rights. This action is permissible, and her husband has to respect this compromise too. It should be mentioned that dowry, alimony and the right of oath are regarded as the rights not rules and accordingly can be compromised by the wife.