Reinvestigation of Jurisprudential Policies at Population Control and Family Regulation



To give attention to importance of decrease or increase of human population at different aspects (scientific, cultural, social, political and economic) we try in this article to choose the best idea, to agree or disagree with birth control, to take into consideration of jurisprudences ideas and their basis. So we will analyze it, after explanation of four main ideas about population, in the opinion of Muslim jurisprudences that is conforming to each of them. Anyway, Islam never had ordered about increasing or decreasing population, explicitly and clearly, so the final strategy will he determined in respect to Islamic principles and doctrines and time and place necessities and social conditions. This important duty in this responsibility of Islamic ruler, that issues “The governor rule” to keep the public discipline, and orders new rules and occasional laws to regulate the social affairs, based on the interests and mischievous that determines, and reacts to special needs of time and place, while keeping the basis. It proves that Islam conforms to the theory of proportional population.