Inheritance of Children Born through Artificial Insemination



With the advancement of medical knowledge and the possibility of infertility treatment through medical sciences, different and complex issues and questions have been alleged in the moral, lawful, social and religious areas. They should be answered by jurisconsults and lawyers and sociology scientists to provide suitable background for codifying comprehensive rules. One of the lawful effects of child birth by artificial insemination is inheritance between child and sperm owners. There are many questions in this regard as follows: In artificial insemination with husband s' sperm or sperm of an alien who become relatives? And between the child and which person to be established an inheritance relation? What is the inheritance status of child whose semen coagulated after the death of owner's sperm. Is there any similarity between inheritance of this embryos and ones who born naturally? And etc. The authors explain mentioned questions and indicate there would be inheritance relation based on genealogy relationship.