Virtue and Indecency: Are They Legal or Rational



One of the main discussions in law is to prove rational virtue and indecency. It seems that, according to rational reasons, the case of rational virtue and indecency is exclusive. There are questions in this regard as follows: Is there any natural relation between virtue and indecency for our acts? Do they have natural value from our legislator's viewpoint? We should say that according to Muslims' viewpoint the base of all precepts is God. Their diversity of opinions only relates to precepts recognition methods. After answering these mentioned questions, the author presents questions as follows: can wisdom perceive the aspects of virtue and indecency independently? And finally what is the effect of rational virtue and indecency acceptance on affairs? In the present article, the author tries to answer these questions based on judicial viewpoints and proves that virtue and indecency are rational. And if the legislator doesn’t guide us to virtue, we understand it by our wisdom and vice versa.