The Passenger Prayer in Quadruplet Holy Stead from the Imamiah Jurists' Viewpoints



It is clear that one hasn't decision to stay in a place for ten days‚ his prayer is fraction (Qhāsr). But in this subject is exception for example praying in Quadruplet Holy stead (Mākah‚ Mādinah‚ Māsjїd Kūfah‚ Haїr Hosein) ‚ that in this occasion was very logical debating. Wherever the words of Shiite Jurists in this subject is diverse so were studied the ambiguous words in this article. Undauntedly the fountain of those differences in verdicts of jurists in those subjects is in the variation of deduction from stories & proofs. The verdicts of jurists were cleaved to three groups. Some of them were believed to fraction of prayer & the other group was believed to end of prayer & the tertiary group was believe to option & rather to end of prayer in those places. So the opinions of any groups were culled after the study visionary deeds.