Reflection of Accuracy Rule on the Law and Jurisprudence


1 Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Islamic Law & Jurisprudence, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan University (Khorasgan), Isfahan, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran


Accuracy rule is one of the most important items in the jurisprudence principles that has many usages and is used in all transactions(contracts and unilateral obligations), worships, speeches and beliefs. The accuracy rule is referred and used in the new and doubtable contracts such as conveyance of goodwill or key-money purchase insurance, or transfer of copyright or editing that the public conditions and proofs are exist. This rule not only has been taken into consideration in the legislation area, individual and social rights but also has been confirmed and emphasized as a governing rule in the ethic, individual and social customs and manners. It affects on living problems of the people and even prevents from system difference, distress and constriction. Therefore, we see that it has a noticeable reflection on the regulations and laws. It should be added that this rule is supported and aided by all sources of Islamic laws(Quran, Tradition, Consensus and Wisdom). In this text it is tried to discuss more about this item(accuracy rule)in the law and especially its effects and reflection, because it has been discussed less than the other issues. We hope that we can step forward in this way.