Analyzing the Judicial Reasons of Opponents of Women's Political Velayat in Shiite Jurisprudence



Political participation of women in society has recently been more considered. Therefore, and because of some juridical doubts about the women's political Velayat(super authority), juridical analysis of this issue seems to be important. Hence in this paper, possibility and permit's range of women's political Velayat by study the Quran and Hadith and jurists and commentators' dictum is surveyed. By the result of the study it became clear that we can't lean decisively on the Quran's Verses to forbid women's political Velayat Though – in case of being permitted- some of them could be used as evidence. But according to the famous Prophetic Hadith, A book Hadijeh's one and consensus of scholars of Shiah and Sunnis in prohibiting general Velayat for women, we can adjudicate banning political Vilayat for the ruler of Muslim Ummah in general and supreme leader (Valiye Faqih) for women. But we can't adjudicate so for lower levels and in the Velayat such as of the president and members of parliament and ministers and other Managers.