Reading out Indemnification of Spiritual Perdition's Juridical Bases with Approach of Spousal's Spiritual Rights



Indemnification of perdition is important issue that recognized as basic and foundational stone of the civil responsibility Although the essentiality of indemnification of the spiritual perdition, civil responsibility of law accordance, is common essentiality and it can extended to the family. But this law is not sufficient for indemnification of spousal spiritual perdition. Because of certainly it has spoken that people should accept indemnification of spiritual and materialist perdition, However, Strategies that adopted about indemnification of spousal spiritual perdition should be imposed in direction of honor the family, with this point that the nature of the family with other organic systems is different. This research is intended to answer to this question: Has the Iranian legal system a juridical capacity that consider to indemnification of spiritual perdition and indemnification ways in the statute? With review and contemplation in the jurisprudence bases, we can say that: indemnification of spousal spiritual perdition is possible but unfortunately, existing assurances couldn't protect and keep family, because of this issue doesn’t known very well and most of time had minor and trivial point in some laws. So paying attention to it in spousal relationship is essential and important, because of with effective and useful strategies can enacted some laws that keep family nature and restore spousal perdition. Identify examples of spiritual perdition in spousal's spiritual rights and providing appropriate practical solutions with using juridical capacity to spiritual perdition in direction of protect the rights of spouses with the purpose of the family bonds and bases are Innovations of this essay.