Net Marketing in Law and Jurisprudence of Iran



Net marketing is one of the economic phenomena which has been arisen by previous decade and a plethora of discussions has been shaped in this regard. The economists’ focus is on division of this sort of marketing into salubrious and insalubrious one. In this study, first, it is tried to introduce this set of marketing and explain the differences between salubrious and insalubrious one, then examine the salubrious one from the Fegh’s view which has been less studied before, and after that to criticize and examine salubrious net marketing sort from the Fegh’ view. Finally, the assumption that salubrious net marketing is impeccable from the Fegh’s view and can be a sort of Reward contract, and that salubrious one has miscellaneous drawbacks and is sinful and forbidden activity is established, and these two net marketing is precisely analyzed a piece from our criminal law system’s view.