Semantic Study of “Zoor” Testimony and Necessity of Community Notification of “Zoor” Testifier in Islamic Law



Zoor” testimony is one of sins and offenses in Islamic criminal law that the holy legislator of islam punish its functor with community notification of his. of course, from the semantic view there is no same definition about the “Zoor” testimony but In different opinions is defined: “falsity testimony” or “invalid testimony” or “testimony not according to the truth” or “testimony despite knowing the untruthful” and from the viewpoint of this paper its exactly define is: “person knows the truth, testifies deliberately not according to the truth or person don’t knows the truth, testifies deliberately, no matter that conforms incidentally to the truth or untruth”. It is emphasized that: the perpetrator of such testimony, according to the narratives)Hadiths( and rational necessity to obtaining public good created, Should be introduced to all those who are exposed his deceptive testimony.