Criteria and Applicability of Taqiyyah in the Presence of Innocents



Taqiyyah is one of Shiites beliefs. It is applicable where a person's property, life, or prestige is prone to the threat of an enemy and preserving them shall be subject to produce a statement or practice contrary to the absolute religious rules. Innocent Imams have not only authorized to act according to this order, but also they have adhered to it so that some traditions which guarantee religious orders have been issued based on Taqiyyah. Therefore, an order cannot be documented based on the tradition. On the other hand, jurists deem many of the traditions that are contrary to the famous view and in conformity to the view of Sunnis as Taqiyyah and hence, did do act accordingly. However, the infamous view conforms to those traditions or can be documented to them. This question is then raised seriously as what caused Imam (peace be upon him) to develop Taqiyyah although his position in announcing the orders and safeguarding the religion is like the Prophet. But the Prophet did not Taqiyyah, otherwise it would be regarded as violation of the intention. The hypothesis proven to answer this question is that according to the texts of narrations and traditions of innocents Imams (peace be upon them), the basis of Taqiyyah was that the situation of Shiite in the government was jeopardized. Therefore, the traditions can be regarded as Taqiyyah that are related to jurisprudence orders in relation with the governing prestige and not any tradition contrary to the well-known opinions that agree with the views of Sunni people.