Keywords = inheritance
Number of Articles: 3
1. Legal anad Jurisprudential Study of Strategies to Deprive the Heirs of the Estate

Volume 17, Issue 62, Winter 2021, Pages 27-50


Mohammad Mahdi Alsharif; Seyyed Vahid Sadeghi; Seyyed Majid Sadghi

2. Inheritance of Heirs Who Died at the Same Time in Similar Incidents to Destruction

Volume 16, Issue 61, Autumn 2020, Pages 183-198


sam Mohammadi; Mohsen Jafari Behzadkolaee; Mohsen vaseghi

3. Inheritance of Children Born through Artificial Insemination

Volume 8, Issue 27, Spring 2012, Pages 55-72

mohammad sadiq tababtabee; maral amoee