Keywords = Permission
Number of Articles: 7
2. Artificial Simulation in Viewpoints of Sunni Jurists

Volume 15, Issue 56, Summer 2019, Pages 33-46

Seyed Reza Ehsanpour; Hadi Garakani; Madiheh Hashempour

3. Nature and Characteristics of Permission to Possession

Volume 14, Issue 53, Autumn 2018, Pages 129-150

Aboozar Sayadi Koshak Qazi; Reza Abbasian; Seyyed Mohammad Hadi Mahdavi

4. A Comparative Study of the Scope of Wife's Requirement to Get Husband's Permission while Going out of Home Based on the Shiite and Sunni views

Volume 12, Issue 42, Winter 2016, Pages 11-28

Abdolrasoul Ahmadian; Ahamd Moradkhani; Mohammad mehdi Ahmadi; Ahamd Moradkhani; Hassan Abedian

5. Relation between Permission and Civil Liability

Volume 10, Issue 36, Summer 2014, Pages 95-110

mohammad hadi mahdavi

7. Jurisprudence Study of Transferor Lawful Possession in Mortgaged Asset

Volume 8, Issue 28, Summer 2012, Pages 79-98

mohsen safari; samad yousefzadeh