Keywords = Legitimacy
Number of Articles: 5
1. Studying Differences of Child Inheritance in Iranian and English Law

Volume 17, Issue 63, Spring 2021, Pages 63-90

Amin Javadi; davoud nassiran

2. An Analysis of the Requirement for the Separation of Conjoined Twins for the Enforcement of Punishment

Volume 16, Issue 60, Summer 2020, Pages 137-160

Mahdiyeh Ghanizadeh; Ali Tavallaei; mohammd reza kaykha

3. Critical Analysis of the Political-Jurisprudence Basis of the Takfiri Salafism on the Issue of Jihad

Volume 15, Issue 57, Autumn 2019, Pages 149-178

Roghayeh Alizadeh; abdolhadi feghhizadeh; Mohammad Hadi Amin Naji

4. Considering the Principles of Periodic Ownership Legitimacy in Iran's Jurisprudence and Law

Volume 9, Issue 31, Spring 2013, Pages 49-82

mojtaba zahedian; mohammadreza yazdani

5. To Study the Legitimacy of Children’s Worship From the Viewpoint of Imamieh Jurisprudence

Volume 7, Issue 25, Autumn 2011, Pages 119-140

Mohammad Mohammadzadeh Rahni; Hassan Faridi