Keywords = Jurisprudence
Number of Articles: 4
1. Jurisprudential and legal Review of the Verdict of Testimony on Previous Theft after the Execution of the Sentence

Volume 17, Issue 62, Winter 2021, Pages 51-72

Ahmad Hajidehabadi; Mohammad Ali Afshari; Marzieh Ganjali Darani

2. Judicial Bases of Debt Exceptions

Volume 7, Issue 24, Spring 2017, Pages 147-174

Homayoun mafi; Seyyed Kamal Hosseini

3. Lawful-Judicial Survey of the Nature and Descriptions of Barter Contract

Volume 11, Issue 40, Summer 2015, Pages 51-74

yasser abdi; morteza nasiri; morteza nasiri; Morteza Shabazinia; fakhroddin Asghari

4. Investigation of Procedures in Listening to Testimony

Volume 9, Issue 32, Summer 2013, Pages 105-118

mohammadreza kazemi; javad mohammad alizadeh