Keywords = Cyberspace
Number of Articles: 4
1. A Jurisprudential and Legal Study of Confession in Cyberspace

Volume 17, Issue 64, Summer 2021, Pages 55-76


Shahrbanoo Pourbagher; Seyyed Asgari Hosseini Moghadam; Seyyed Hossein Ebrahimian,

2. Jurisprudence and Legal Review on Selling in “Cyberspace

Volume 15, Issue 55, Spring 2019, Pages 137-162


Mehdi Mohammadian Amiri; Ali Reza Asgari; Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Ahmadi; Seyyed Hassan Abedian

3. The Judicial investigation of Internet Perpetrators Who corrupt in the Earth

Volume 12, Issue 44, Summer 2016, Pages 29-56

aliakbar izadifard; seyyed mojtaba hosseinnezhad

4. Bribery of legal Jurisprudence in Cyberspace

Volume 9, Issue 32, Summer 2013, Pages 119-146

mohammad mohseni; ali akbar izadifard; saeed bodaghi