Author = Masjedsaraei, Hamid
Number of Articles: 3
1. Analysis of Contrary Approaches and Problems about the Theory of "Jurisprudence of the System"

Volume 17, Issue 63, Spring 2021, Pages 171-194

Majid Nourzad Kohsareh; Hamid Masjedsaraei

2. The Principle of Penal Economy as the Basis of the Interpretation in Penal Laws of Islam

Volume 14, Issue 51, Spring 2018, Pages 169-190

Hamid Masjedsaraei; Khaled Nabinia; Ahmad Bagheri; Seyyed Mohammad Sadri

3. An Introduction to Legal and Judicial Nature of Pension

Volume 13, Issue 49, Autumn 2017, Pages 123-138

Hamid Masjedsaraei; Mostafa Jabbari