Author = Tavalaei, Ali
Number of Articles: 3
1. An Analysis of the Requirement for the Separation of Conjoined Twins for the Enforcement of Punishment

Volume 16, Issue 60, Summer 2020, Pages 137-160

Mahdiyeh Ghanizadeh; Ali Tavallaei; mohammd reza kaykha

2. Jurisprudential Possibility of Conformity (Taqlid) to Teachings of Non-adult Mujtahid

Volume 15, Issue 57, Autumn 2019, Pages 117-132

Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Saber; mohammd reza kaykha; Ali Tavalaei

3. Legal Bases of Compensation by the Government in Judge's Error

Volume 14, Issue 51, Spring 2018, Pages 99-118

Hojat Azizollahi; Ali Tavalaei; Moein Farzaneh Vashareh; AbolReza Mohammad Hosseinzadeh