Author = Jahani, Ali Akbar
Number of Articles: 3
1. The Study of the Basis of Rare and Individualized Fatwas of Ibn Idris Hilli

Volume 16, Issue 60, Summer 2020, Pages 113-136

maryam ghafoori; mohammad mohseni dehkalani; Ali Akbar Izadifard; Aliakbar jahani

2. Juridical and Legal Investigation of Losses Caused by Negative Inflation

Volume 15, Issue 55, Spring 2019, Pages 97-118

Farshid Rajabi; Ali Akbar Izadifard; Ali Akbar Jahani

3. Jurisprudential Reflection on the Signified of Article 440 in Islamic Penal statute

Volume 14, Issue 51, Spring 2018, Pages 33-52

Seyyedeh Mahboubeh Hassani Abolhasskolaei; Mohammad Mohseni Dehkalany; Ali Akbar Jahani