Author = Moradkhani, Ahmad
Number of Articles: 6
1. Diya for Women and the Legal Policy of Iran: From Commitment to the Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (fiqh) to Human Rights Standards

Volume 16, Issue 58, Winter 2020, Pages 11-28

Ghader Ahmadi; Ahmad Moradkhani; Sayyad Mohammad Mahdi Ahmadi; Aliraza Asghari

2. Jurisprudential and Legal Review of Bioterrorism

Volume 14, Issue 52, Summer 2018, Pages 127-148

Ahmad Moradkhani; Fatemeh Rahmani

3. The Use of Istishab in Civil Law Distinguished by its Different Types

Volume 14, Issue 50, Winter 2018, Pages 147-160

Abbas Arab Khazaeli; Ali Reza Asgari; Ahamd Moradkhani

4. Conditions for Witnesses in Jurisprudence of Religious Scholars (in accordance with Law)

Volume 12, Issue 43, Spring 2016, Pages 145-164

Ahmad Moradkhani; Ahmad Moradkhani

5. A Comparative Study of the Scope of Wife's Requirement to Get Husband's Permission while Going out of Home Based on the Shiite and Sunni views

Volume 12, Issue 42, Winter 2016, Pages 11-28

Abdolrasoul Ahmadian; Ahamd Moradkhani; Mohammad mehdi Ahmadi; Ahamd Moradkhani; Hassan Abedian

6. Percepts of Family and Man's Disobedience in Imam Reza's Al-Tasfir Masanad Book

Volume 11, Issue 39, Spring 2015, Pages 99-116

Ahmad Moradkhani