Author = sarikhani, adel
Number of Articles: 4
1. Semantic Study of “Zoor” Testimony and Necessity of Community Notification of “Zoor” Testifier in Islamic Law

Volume 10, Issue 35, Spring 2014, Pages 119-140

ahmad mortazi; ali asghar mousavi; adel sarikhani; mohsen malek afzali

2. Net Marketing in Law and Jurisprudence of Iran

Volume 10, Issue 34, Winter 2014, Pages 59-84

saeed atarzadeh; mehdi jalilian; adel sarikhani

3. Unanimity and its Role in Deducting Criminal Precepts

Volume 9, Issue 32, Summer 2013, Pages 27-48

adel sarikhani; esmaeil aqghababaei; saeed atarzadeh

4. Lawful and Judicial Study of Testimonials by Minors

Volume 9, Issue 31, Spring 2013, Pages 83-102

adel sarikhani; masoud heidari