Author = ha abhari
Number of Articles: 7
1. The Study of Juridical and Legal Value of the Witness of Relatives

Volume 15, Issue 56, Summer 2019, Pages 11-32


Hamid Abhary; Mohammad Hossein Taghipour Darzi Naghibi

3. To Study the Effect of Suspended Contract

Volume 7, Issue 24, Spring 2017, Pages 9-26

Ali Akbar Izadifard; Hamid Abhary; Javad Hashemi

5. Lawful and Judicial Study of Article 265 of Civil Law

Volume 10, Issue 36, Summer 2014, Pages 11-32

ha abhari; sanaz rahimi

6. The Excusable Cases of Non Obedience of Wife in Iran's Law

Volume 9, Issue 30, Winter 2013, Pages 11-30

hamid Abhari; mohammad saleh safaei

7. Concept and Nature of Money and the Guarantee of Devaluation and Delayed Payment Compensation Related to Bill Debt Repayment

Volume 8, Issue 27, Spring 2012, Pages 9-34

ali akbar izadifard; hamid abhari; hossein bahrami